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EUREKA - Ken Knepp displays an antique “land line” telephone from his family home in the Roanoke area at the Eureka Rotary Club’s “Show and Tell” program at Eureka College Cerf Center last Tuesday. Members were asked by program chair Carolyn Kenagy to bring an heirloom or antique that held special memories for them. About a dozen members brought something to display, from a 100+ year-old handmade corn knife or an equally old work saddle to a lady’s garter and 1935 dime used for her and her daughters’ weddings, or a family tradition picture of a “mysterious family princess” given to each new family, or a picture of Old Fort Harrod or a missionary society award received by an ancestor. Rounding out the display of cherished items were a longtime family doll that served as a namesake for generations of girls, a handmade toy Christmas gift, a treasured grandmother’s royal blue wedding dress (slightly faded), a miniature bowling ball from a local bowling alley, a piece of an ancient log shared by several local families, the microscope of a revered veterinarian and a grade school graduation watch. The program was so well-received that it is expected the Rotary Club will be holding some follow-up programs for those who didn’t originally participate.
Maybe they will open it to the public; who knows? [Also, a tip of the hat to the Statler Brothers.]  -- Photo by Jim Fyke

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