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Wednesday, 12 February 2014 00:00

Beloit International Film Festival kicks off Friday and runs through Feb. 23 throughout the city.

Local residents and visitors from around the nation fill more than a dozen venues, ranging in size from 40 seats to the 700 seat Eclipse Center in Beloit. Over 140 films and 100 filmmakers come from as far away as Europe and China.

Filmmakers in all genres—features, documentaries, shorts—enjoy the Beloit setting as much as the attendees do because it promises them crowds of interested viewers filling their venues, questioning them at the films and on the street. 

Two-thousand miles from the shimmering lights of Hollywood, the Beloit Film Festival (BIFF) adds a little glitz & glamor to February in Wisconsin.

More than 130 films are scheduled to be screened during the week. Visit beloitfilmfest.org or call 608-313-1200 for more information. 

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