Written by Jerry Riley   
Thursday, 26 December 2013 15:19

As we approach 2014 we should think about where we are heading, what we need to accomplish and what we want to accomplish. These may, or may, or may not, be the same things, and, as always, consider, are your objectives realistic?

Many people tend to dwell on things they have missed and the negative things that they have, or may, experience. People should focus on the good things in their lives. The positive things they have experienced. Yes, still a good idea to remember those bad experiences. But remembering them it may help you not to repeat them.

For anyone who watches the sitcom Frasier (reruns) the Psychiatrists were debating their problems when the crotchety old father told them to focus on the things they had accomplished and not worry about things that they had no control over anyway.

How often do we want to place blame, when something goes awry rather than solving the problem? We need to understand what we can and what we can’t control., and not waste our time or energy worrying about things we can’t control. About the only thing worry, in this case, is good for, is preventing you from enjoying what you can control, and, what a revoltin’ development this is!

Only you define who you are. Some people let their work, or a title define who they think they are Don’t allow other people to do it for you, because, at sometime, you will want to redefine who you want to be.

Jerry Riley comments for the News Bulletin. He is a retired telecommunications supervisor.

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