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Tuesday, 15 December 2009 17:00
Donald C Haley, 45, and Karen L Haley (George), 44
Curtis Cim, 54, and Mary Cim (), 49
Michael A Russell, 47, and Solivan A Russell (Furness), 2
Ronald L Hamm, , and Cheryl L Hamm (), 
Michael J Killen, 44, and Rhiannon M Killen (Todd), 28
Minh Nguyen, 45, and Kieu Nguyen (), 43
Antonio Diggs, , and Emmanuela Cherubin (), 
Jesse A Quick, , and Cori L Quick (), 
Eunice Robertson, 52, and Shataqua E Robertson (Kenon), 37
Brian T Clark, 24, and Brittany T Clark (Iwanski), 25
Asa S Lewis, 23, and Dawn M Lewis (Stevens), 27
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