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Tuesday, 20 October 2009 17:00
Andrew A Friebohle and Melissa L Friebohle 
Eric S Hammond and Barbara E Hammond 
Steve A Harris Jr. and Tara D Harris 
Richard L Kidd and Rosemary E Kidd 
Robert Dale Owens Jr and Amy M Owens 
Allan W Taylor and Lynn A Taylor 
Richard D Thrush and Karen Thrush 
Robert S Tomlinson and Mary E Tomlinson 
Charles Bennett Atkins and Melinda Ann Atkins 
Richard J Beck and Rebekah M Beck 
Neil C Beiersdorf and Shelly A Beiersdorf 
Jason A Bernard and Jeannette Romero 
Gerorge W Cook and Lori A Cook 
Trent D Cox and Stephanie Cox 
Robert Richard Ditch and Margina A Ditch 
Zachary R Frank and Dana J Frank 
Jeffery Allen Getz and Christie Lavonne Getz 
Adam R Ladendorf and Anissa L Ladendorf 
William Armand Lebaube II and Taffy Sue Lebaube 
Joseph Henry Patton and Meredith N Patton 
Donald G Peacher and Brandy L Peacher 
James J M Riddell and Emily A Riddell 
Joseph P Starr and Mary E Starr 
Sean Eugene Ward and Dawn Renea Ward 
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